Smart Piano is a Smart Home Innovation Award Honoree at CES 2016

As with every year, the CES show is a big event that brings forth the most exciting news from companies. For The ONE Smart Piano, we gave a sneak peek of our newest investor and supporter: world-renown pianist Lang Lang. 


For our booth, we demonstrated the lights on the Smart Piano with an archway that illustrated the colors on our keys, and the falling light bars in our game mode. For our walls, we proudly showcased our newest investor and supporter, Lang Lang. These walls were configured in a fun S-shape that allowed us to play off a yin-and-yang concept with our black and white pianos.


We had tech-lovers, music geeks, old souls and young hearts swing by and try out the Smart Piano. One of the most common things we heard from these visitors was how they had always wanted to learn piano and never imagined that it could be so easy.


The ONE Smart Piano was the recipient of the CES Innovation Awards with an Honoree status. This means that our product was chosen out of many to be among the best smart home products at the show this year. It's an honor for us!

Some other cool Smart products we saw at CES this year include a laundry-folding robot that also doubles as a cabinet. The robot arms meticulously come out of the cabinet and use sensors to detect when the laundry is optimally folded. The future is here!

Another are Smart Cookies by the Girl Scouts. Are they real cookies or not? We weren’t sure, but they sure sounded delicious. We left with a box of real cookies, but we learned that Smart Cookies was a new way for you to use a digital tracker for your cookie selling business.

We look forward to seeing cool new products at next year's show!


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