The ONE Smart Piano

The one smart piano

The award-winning smart piano to help you to start playing in minutes.

Everyone Can Play

Guided by LED Lights

Playing piano is as easy as following lights. red lights represent right hand notes, and blue lights represent left hand notes.

Connects to Your Own Device

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Thousands of Sheet Music

Choose from our library of over 3000 free music sheets or purchase the latest pop songs, and learn to play a piece note by note.

High Grade Piano

P2 Plate | Push-pull Cover | Full Dynamics Control | Metal Foot Pedals

It's not just beginners who love the smart piano. Experts love the weighted keys, the professional stereo sound, and classic wooden look.

Hammer-action Keys

The best weighted keyboard available in the market, with scaled graded hammer action to make playing much like a premium acoustic piano.

Metal Foot

Three foot-operated levers at the base of a piano give you the full range of control of instrument's sound. Includes the soft pedal, the sostenuto pedal, and the sustaining pedal.

Endless Possibilities

Whatever your goal for music is, The ONE Smart Piano can get you there. Expanded
features include but not limited to USB MIDI input and output, auxiliary out, microphone
plug-in, pedal input, and so on. Whether it's home party, music writing or live jam
sessions, it's all possible.

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