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I've always wanted to play the piano but never got around to taking lessons. Now at long last I'm learning to play, and I've got a patient instructor who is willing to let me proceed at my own pace.

- Ed Baig, USA Today

You'll find additional practice games hidden in the settings menu. The ear training mode offered an especially interesting twist on training: the piano plays you a note (or, if you're up to the challenge, a chord), then asks you to go and find it. That's typically a pretty tough skill to develop on your own -- with the app, you have a helpful partner.

- Ry Crist, CNET 

Music lessons can get expensive, so a new piano is trying to offer them itself. Rather than just running through songs, its keyboards are able to stop at each note and wait for you to play it correctly.

- Jacob Kastrenakes, The Verge

The One piano learning system also has an iOS/Android app at its heart, but students learn to play on a real piano with the help of synced LED lights. When a student becomes familiar enough with a ditty to go it alone, the lights can be disabled...

- Paul Ridden, Gizmag

The New York Times
‘A Fighting Hero’
Good Housekeeping
Even though there are cheaper keyboards on the market, The ONE Light has fantastic features that make it worth the extra cash.
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FOX 4 News
Save Me Steve: CES Products in Stores
This smart keyboard will teach you how to play it.
The Next Web
The ONE Smart Piano could make learning to play much more fun.
The Verge
The ONE Smart Piano teaches you to play using an iPad.
Market Watch
The ONE brings the world’s first and only upright, Apple MFI-certified digital piano integrated with technology that facilitates self-instruction.
Uber Gizmo
Basically the idea is simple – you plug your iOS device, like an iPad, to the instrument.
Yahoo News UK & Ireland
Learning a new instrument can be a gruelling, expensive and time consuming process, but one tech company thinks it has a way to make it all a little easier.
Digital Trends
The ONE smart piano teaches you to play a song in five minutes.
The ONE piano learning system also has an iOS/Android app at its heart.
AOL UK video feature
The ONE Smart Piano promises to teach you how to play without a teacher in the convenience of your own home. It works with your mobile phone or tablet.
The Next Mozart Will Learn Music Through Mobile-Connected Instrument.
USA Today
[The ONE is] a patient instructor who is willing to let me proceed at my own pace.
Apple Insider
Aspiring musicians looking to learn to play piano should check out The ONE.
Tom's Guide
This Smart Piano Lights Up Your Lessons.
The ONE Piano is targeted at new learners who want to learn how to play the piano with ease.
The ONE Smart Piano piano app introduces you to a world of magic from the moment you download it onto your tablet or smart phone.
Discovery Channel NewsWatch
The accompanying app features hundreds of songs including ones by artists like Rihanna and Coldplay as well as classical, jazz, and kid-friendly songs.
Learning to play the piano is easier than ever thanks to The ONE smart piano light.

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