Multiple ways to learn with a free app

Video lessons, sheet music, games and Crash Course are available for iOS and Android devices.

Connects to your device

Use the app to open up sheet music, videos, or games and watch the lights guide you through it all.

Guided by LED Lights

Playing piano is as easy as following lights. Red lights represent right hand notes, and blue lights represent left hand notes.

2,000+ Sheet Music Collection

The Smart Piano doesn't have the limitation of other digital pianos. The songs are stored in the free app, so that thousands of sheet music are the tip of your fingers.

High grade piano

It's not just beginners who love the Smart Piano. Experts love the weighted keys, the professional stereo sound, and classic wooden look.

Full dynamics control

Classic features include a built-in metronome and volume control, blended with technology controls through the app.

Three foot pedals

The Smart Piano has three foot-operated levers at the base of a piano which give you the full range of control of instrument's sound. Includes the soft pedal, the sostenuto pedal, and the sustaining pedal.

Simple and elegant design

The Smart Piano is made to fit into any interior, big or small, black or white.

A Player Piano

The Smart Piano can play sheet music, mp3 files, and double as the speakers for your home entertainment system.

The ONE Smart Piano

Made for beginners, loved by musicians and teachers.
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