The ONE Keyboard Pro

Unleashing the music instrument of the future.

Neon Lights
Guide You the Way

LED lights work with the free app and light up to show you which keys to press. The lights stay lit until you hit the right notes.

Free iOS & Android Apps

Free apps provide various modes and let you learn in your preferred way.

Elegant Modern Appearance

Award-winning design for better usability and cooler modern appearance

Excellent Hammer Action keyboard

Premium feeling weighted keys just as classic acoustic pianos

Acoustical Performance

128-maximum note polyphony and top tier
built-in speakers

Volume and
Instrument Sound

Easy to set up and change any time via
app setting or keyboard nob

Endless Possibilities

Whatever your goal for music is, The ONE Keyboard Pro gets you there. Connect with other MIDI based apps to experience endless expanded features.

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7-days Return

30-days Replacement

1-year Warranty



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