Most Portable
Teaching Device

This Smart Keyboard connects to a mobile device to shorten the piano learning process from months to minutes. It's fun and affordable for everyone.

A Smart Teacher

Onyx Black White Gold Sakura Pink
LED Lights

With the synced LED lights in the keyboard, a beginner musician can start to play music in minutes.


Crash Course

Every sheet music in Crash Course has been split into different sections. Just follow the instructions, and practice
slowly with four steps.


Video Lessons

Hundreds of free video lessons made by professional piano instructors and institutions. Including Lang Lang tutorials
and Hoffman Academy.

Sleek Design

The ONE Light is a long-lasting piano that won't become outdated. With removed button clutter of traditional portable
keyboards, you can control everything through the connected app.

Front Back Side


With built-in mp3 speakers, you can play any music
through third-party apps such as Spotify, YouTube,
Pandora, and more.

Endless Possibilities

Whatever your goal for music is, The ONE Light can get you there. expanded features include but aren't limited to
pedal input, auxiliary in and out, microphone plug-in, and USB MIDI output. whether it's karaoke parties, live jam
sessions, or writing music, it's all possible.

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