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Video lessons, sheet music, and games are available for iOS and Android devices.

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iOS 9.0+ Android 4.4+

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Synchronized lights 


The app works directly with the piano to light up keys for all sheet music, videos, and games.

Save quality recordings

Play, record, and store your pieces. Or, share the recordings with friends on Facebook.

Advanced sound control

Mute right hand or left hand tracks, control the playback tempo, and more.

Search collection

Search across videos, sheet music, and games in one go from the search bar.

USB MIDI output

Use with your favorite MIDI software directly from your smart device.

MP3 player feature

Play songs from the app or even your local iTunes and mp3 sound files.


Endless Possibilites

The Smart Piano works with your favorite third-party apps, from audio playlists to music composition.

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