The ONE Smart Piano Pro, Rosewood

The ONE Smart Piano Pro, Rosewood

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Introducing the world's first MFi-certified Smart Piano. The ONE Smart Piano is a new and easy way to learn music without paying for private instruction right off the bat. The ONE Smart Piano Pro is an Upgraded Smart Piano, which with 88 weighted synthetic ivory keys, professional and delicate sound, Half-damper pedal and classic rosewood body. When you attach your smart device with The ONE Smart Piano, you can use the app to browse interactive video lessons, LED light-guided sheet music, and piano games. Following the lights, you can start playing your first song in as little as a few minutes.

    • The ONE Smart Piano Pro
      * Guided by LED Lights to start playing in minutes

      * Supporting both iOS and Android, phone and tablet

      * MIDI output, recording and sharing with your social network

      * 4000+ sheet music, 100+ videos, fun crash course and games in the free app

      * Upgraded Smart Piano: 88 weighted synthetic ivory keys, professional and delicate sound, Half-damper pedal and classic rosewood body

      * Made for beginners, loved by musicians and teachers.

      Choose from thousands of sheet music to learn, from classical to pop, jazz & blues, and much more. You can play different piano songs with the free app.
      Just follow the well-designed learning steps with hand gesture videos and section exercise, users can learn to play 'Happy Birthday' in minutes.
      Over 100 free video lessons integrated with lights help you learn everything from the basics of a piano to more advanced topics.
      The piano learning can be so much fun with games. Challenge yourself and score higher points by hitting light-up keys in rhythm to match accompaniment music.
      Odeum Level Reverberation
      The color has been upgraded to rosewood, and the height has been extended to 35 inches. The classical appearance also increases the space for reverberation and resonance.
      Upgraded Hammer-Action Keys
      The 88-key full-sized hammer action keys has been upgraded with synthetic ivory material. The timbre adopt 10 layers of samples, which will make the sound more delicate.
      Half-damper Supported Sustain Pedal
      Three foot-operated levers give you the full range control of instrument's sound.
      Quality Sound
      2 x 6.5'’ woofers restore the sound quality of acoustic piano.
      “A fighting hero...Witness the rebirth of the classical piano.”
      “A patient instructor who is willing to let me proceed at my own pace. ”
      “Bringing Reviving Mozart For The 21st Century.”
      “Fun and kid-friendly, with a good mix of music-minded features in the app.”
    • Colour
      Length: 58 Inches
      Width: 18 Inches
      Height: 35 Inches

      136.4 lbs
      88-key graded hammer action synthetic ivory piano keys
      Maximum Polyphony
      128-note polyphony
      128 GM-programmed timbres and 4 drum sets (only the timbre of a grand piano is available for demo play)
      Piano Lights
      88 sets of red and blue LED lights
      Audio Sampling rate
      Sampling Tones
      16-bit stereo
      Amplifier Power
      Speaker Size
      Tweeter 1.25"*2 + Woofer 6.5"*2
      Device / Connection
      iOS 10.0 +
      iPad 2, New Pad, iPad 4, iPad mini and later, iPad Air and later, iPad Pro
      iiPhone 5s/6/6 plus/6s/6s plus/7/7 plus/8/X/XS/XR/XS max
      Android 5.0+ with USB Host/OTG
      Power will be automatically turned off if inactive for 30 minutes.
      Optional to use. Turn the knob to adjust the tempo
      Three pedals. Soft, Sostenuto, and Sustain respectively from left to right
      Recording Function*
      Record music while playing and share with your social network
      Tone Selection*
      A variety of timbres to choose from
      Power Source
      15V power cord connected to the back of the piano
      Cable Interface
      The port is visible by pressing on and opening the small box on top of the piano.
      The interface supports four specialized cables for The ONE Smart Piano.
      Headphone Jack
      One 6.5mm, one 3.5mm headphone jacks
      Aux In/Out
      6.5mm auxiliary audio input/output interface
      Panel controls
      Care Instructions

      1. Avoid direct sunlight. It will cause damage to the piano.

      2. Do not disassemble the piano. Disassembling may cause damages that are not covered under the warranty.

      Components list
      Main body
      Back plate
      Piano legs (left and right)
      Piano cables for connecting smart devices
      Power source DC 15V
      User manual

      Note: When specification are subject to change, refer to the actual product.

      Functions with *: availability varies with the mobile device you’re using The ONE smart piano application on.

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    • Q: Where is the power cord?
      It's in the packing foam of one end, to ensure smooth delivery.
      Q: Why does the keyboard make no sound when playing?
      It's very likely due to the volume setting. Please check the master volume control button on the keyboard main panel to ensure it's not set to minimum volume. Please also ensure the tablet/smartphone connected to this keyboard is unmuted. Also, if you are using a headphone, please check if the headphone jack is inserted in.
      Q: Is it normal to hear some noise when the piano is turned on or off?
      Yes, this is normal. It's an electronic device and electrical current can cause some small noise when turning on/off the keyboard.
      Q: Can headphones be used with the piano?
      Yes. The socket is 6.5 mm, but the piano comes with an adapter so you can use standard 3.5 mm earphones as well.
      Q: How do I register for The ONE Smart Piano app?
      1. Download the app from the APP Store/Google Play.
      2. Once downloaded, open the app.
      3. Enter an email address and create a password!


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