The ONE Smart Piano Classroom

The ONE Smart Piano

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The ONE Smart Piano Classroom is a real time interactive smart instruction that allows every kid to enjoy piano and music.

Ever since released in 2016, it has been implemented by more than 5,000 piano studios/music schools globally. 

It helps piano teachers to teach more students in a much more effective and fun way. Comparing to the traditional 1:1 piano lesson, The ONE Smart Piano Class can help you to easily set up group lessons from 1:4 to 1:12 and make sure every student is having a fun and seeing real time progress. There is also interactive piano sparring system to accompany the kids after the class to provide enjoyable practice platform at home and ensure learning result.

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Step by step curriculum

The lessons are a combination of world class compositions, and The ONE original practice tracks. In addition, there are also teaching cartoon stories, teacher demonstrations, world famous songs analyses, children's songs, etc. Based on kids' age and level, we arrange three sets of courses from easy to advanced to guide children to master knowledge and playing skills.

Lessons combined with hardware and software

The ONE self-developed smart teaching software combined with The ONE Smart Piano will constitute a synchronous interactive classroom. Students' learning status will not only be recorded real-time, but also uploaded to the cloud so parents can check at any time.

Variety of teaching component

In each song's exclusive background music, there are Flower Crush and rolling musical scores to help children know the key locations and scores efficiently. Even if you press the wrong key, there's auto correction and pause to help.

Individual grading and team cooperation

The ONE Smart Piano Classroom allows one teacher to have multiple student in one class, and students can learn about each other's performance during class. In the meantime, students are encouraged to help each other in order to strengthen the effectiveness of the team cooperation.

Class progress sync piano sparring APP

Real-time sync of class assignment can help identify each student's weak part and focus on overcoming the difficulties in order to achieve the most efficient piano practice. Even after class, students can practice with their classmates to improve their practicing enthusiasm.



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